How to Make An Appointment

-Call us at (704) 868-4673.  We will take your information over the telephone. Please have your credit card handy, we require pre-payment.

-Come by our clinic at 425 West Franklin Blvd., Gastonia, NC 28052 and fill out an application.  We require pre-payment by cash or most major credit cards.

-We do not accept American Express.
Pre-payment is required.

Our office hours are 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Mon – Fri. Pickup for dogs is 4:30pm and cats is 5:00pm. The office is closed during drop off and pickup. If we miss your call, please leave a message.  Someone will contact you ASAP.  We try to return all calls by the end of each business day.

Spay/Neuter Appointments:

When to Come – Please be on time

For Spay/Neuter Appointments: Drop off your pet between 7:45 AM – 8:15AM.  Please be prompt.  Pick ups are at 4:30 PM for Dogs and 5:00 PM for Cats.  Allow about 20 minutes for drop off and pick up.


We are located at 425 W. Franklin Blvd., Gastonia, NC, across the street from the Gaston County Police Department and next to Oakwood Cemetery.

How to drop off & pick up

We do curbside drop off and pick up for spay/neuter appointments.  Stay in your car and follow the traffic pattern.  Its like a school drop off line.  We'll take your pet out of the car and return it the same afternoon.

Spay/Neuter surgery instructions & Consent

After you make your appointment, you will receive a confirmation.  Please read this carefully as it contains pre and post-operative instructions.  You will also receive 2 reminders of the appointment.  Each will contain the same instructions. In this same email, you will receive a consent form. You MUST sign the consent.  All you have to do is click and sign electronically. If you do not receive a confirmation or you have questions, please call us 704/868-4673.

Wellness, Sick & Injury Appointments - (Vet Appointments)

Call to schedule a veterinary appointment for wellness, sick or injury care -  704/868-4673.  Location:  Our low-cost veterinary clinic is located in the same building as our spay/neuter clinic - 425 W. Franklin Blvd., Gastonia.

Veterinary appointments are set at a specific time.  Please come on time.  Park in the parking lot and come into the lobby.

You will receive a confirmation and reminder of your veterinary appointment. If you  have a question or do not receive an email, please call us at 704/868-4673

In Cool Weather  – You may leave Pets in the car

If you have a wellness, sick or injury appointment, when the weather permits, please leave your pets in the car until you are checked in.  Our lobby is not large, and this avoids the possibility of dogs becoming aggressive towards each other.

Cats in Carriers for all appointments

Cats must be brought in individual, secure carriers.  One cat per carrier.  If you don’t have a carrier, please let us know.  We might be able to loan you one.  Do not bring your cat in your arms or an unsecure carrier. Cats become very scared in unfamiliar surroundings and will bolt from your arms, regardless of how tame they normally are.

Financial Assistance

If you cannot afford to have your pet' vet care, please call us.  We will try to help.  For more information, see “Financial Assistance”.

Why do we Require Pre-Payment when you sign up?

In order to keep prices low, we ask that everyone pay when they schedule an appointment..

What Happens if I Don’t Come

We do not give refunds for cancellations or no shows. We do not reschedule appointments.  This is necessary so that we can fill all of our appointments each day so that we can  keep our prices low.